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xmas bleugh

Fucking xmas. All of my best intentions and promises vanished like so many tawdry decorations. But like the glittery remnants of all the tack, there remains a thin, stubborn, 30k year residue of ambition within this husk.

My family were all home for xmas, and because of their jobs, were able to stay for a few weeks, which was nice. It also meant a lot of family stuff, a lot of eating, a lot of sleeping, some travel, and the absence of any routine save he lack of routine itself. Inbetween the cracks I binged hard on UK electoral political commentary and a spaceship videogame, both of which were equally pointless. I did make a space mall with a sex shop though, so that probably edges the left’s political navel-gazing:

I made a health food outlet and a bunch of others, then got kinda bored an gave up. It’s called Empyrion and it’s a fun game, sort of like Rust meets Space Engineers. It has a really nice mix of survival, RPG, and building game elements. It is also vastly augmented by its community, which has some truly stellar designers. I started on a setting of middling difficulty because I like some bite to my games, and the only thing I regret is not making it harder. The struggle and strife make building stuff all the more rewarding, and as you get to the point where your skills and access to resources are essentially unlimited (scalescalescale), the game is still fun, but the gameworld loses its ability to inspire awe in proportion to your power within it. I think I want to play it again, but probably on a harder difficulty and with other people, to make he struggle more meaningful.

The political binging was much less enjoyable. I think that will be the subject of my first ‘proper’ post, so I won’t go into any more detail, but I just wanted to get something off the page and on the board, as I’m sitting on about 6 unfinished posts at this point. And with that, the moratorium is over.

P.S. I wrote all of this about 3 weeks ago, I don’t know what you call writer’s block when all you have to do is post it but I guess this is that.