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about 17/11/19

For reasons that may become clear, I’m going to try and keep some kind of public log of any/all changes to this page. I want the original intents and purposes of the project to be as perpetually transparent as possible. I am certain of nothing, except that I will almost certainly change my mind about what this space is for and what I want to do with it. Right now, I’m sort of thinking about it as a kind of interactive diary. Somewhere I can put my thoughts into words in a way that is both accountable, and has a bit of technical interest for me.

i don’t even know what kind of textual aesthetic i want to go with – hence me writing this paragraph all in lower-case, just to see what it looks like when i update the page. may as well keep this kind of typographical preening for posterity. i’ll probably end up typing normally though. i think you lose too many tools of stylistic convention, and it’s not really worth it for a sort of bullshit hackerstock chic.

Anyway, I was saying – what will this place be about? Probably the most godawful rubbish. I can see it now, stupid metaphysical ramblings, some screeds about a torch I bought, milkshake-duck takes coming thick and fast, a poorly functioning media widget for playing my badly recorded songs. Poetry????? :[]

If all that strikes you as a very 1990s ‘My World Wide Web Page!’ set of subjects, that is at least partly by intention. Over the last few years, I have gradually divested from social media, and the corporate ecosystem of exploitative, escalatory, and performative intellectual monoculture that has driven the public web to the verge of extinction (a metaphor for the planet itself; an effigy even). To be absolutely clear, this isn’t about judging people and how they spend their time on the internet. That would be horseshit. Rather, it’s about stepping back from a world where the public sphere has been gobbled up by global megacorps whose bottom line depends on stimulating certain kinds of discourse and behaviour within that sphere. Some will argue that it has been the case throughout history in some form and to some degree; but I would counter that it has never been truer or more rapid and damaging in its effects. It’s a subject for another day, but the harvesting of our public lives via feed binging and approval addiction for advertising revenue is truly dystopian. So in a way, this is a personal act of protest – hosting and building my own site, for my own thoughts, using primarily free/open tools. The internet they dreamed of back in the day, except without the downloadable boob-babe misogyny of Weird Science.

Mostly though it’ll be a wander through ‘me’, a space where I can lay myself out – hence the domain. I’ll set off on adventures in my own head, and if I come back with any interesting stories, I’ll put them down here. See you on the highway…